Fook Yuen Cafe & Bakery Oceanus (KK FoodieVenture #51)

Next we move on to another relatively new shopping spot in town, the Oceanus Waterfront Mall. When it first sprang up in front of Marina Court Condominiums, I actually had high hopes for the mall. I mean, it looks pretty huge and high end from the outside. So when it finally opened, I was somewhat disappointed to discover that the mall looked err… much smaller from the inside. Stores were still in the process of opening which was normal I guess. But it only took me and my partner around 30 minutes or so to go through the entire mall. Heck, even the food court was tiny by any mall’s standard which was odd.

On a more positive note, one of the most well-known locally based food franchise (see my previous post for their Karamunsing Capital branch) has open its doors on the ground floor of said mall. The Fook Yuen Café & Bakery is practically an institution in KK so I’m thrilled when I discovered that they’re now within my reach. Immediately you’ll notice that the café was huge in size (probably the biggest in terms of size among all of the franchises?) with a comfortable modern ‘kedai kopi’ feel to it. But what’s lacking from this branch was probably their selection of food. I mean, we went there for 2 days and the food was limited in both amount and choices. Maybe it’s because we were there during the weekends? We just grabbed anything that were available during our visits and our meals tasted just okay in my opinion, which was somewhat a let down. But I do have to give a shout out to their drink maker because their milk tea (they provide chilled out, iceless drinks at this branch – which was an awesome idea) and their giant size Milo Dinosaur drink were simply marvellous.

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