Dunkin' Donuts Oceanus (KK FoodieVenture #52)

Like I’ve mentioned before in my previous post of another Dunkin Donuts branch in KK, this joint is by far my favourite when it comes to anything and everything donuts. No offence to its main competition, but their donuts was just right when it comes to tastes, particularly their chocolate donuts. Their variety of flavours might not be as broad as the other donut powerhouse but their tastes were not too overwhelming sweet (a major factor when you’ve reached my age – ahem!) and you can’t help but eat as many as your stomach can permit. So I wasted no time in ordering their donuts when I spotted the orange-purple coloured booth on the ground floor of Oceanus Waterfront Mall (they’re not that far off from Hard Rock CafĂ©).

In no particular order, (I think) I have ordered their ring donuts Crunchy Choc, Choc Forest, Nutty Choc, Black Forest and filled donuts Boston Cream and Choc Pudding. Yup, everything chocolate as expected and each and every one of them was just divine! And for a limited time, they’re also offering a variety of really cute & creative looking boxes for your take away donuts.

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