Fook Yuen Cafe & Bakery Gaya Street (KK FoodieVenture #54)

Nope, this is not a repeat of my very recent review of Fook Yuen Cafe & Bakery. I had some errands to run around the Gaya Street area one day and got a bit hungry because me and my partner did not take any breakfast before going off from our hotel. So it was somewhat fated for us to find a Fook Yuen right next to an Old Town White Coffee cafĂ© (which was amusing to me – I mean those rivals were only separated by a wall) after we’d finished our business at the nearby Ambank Berhad bank.

On first glance, the eatery does not look any different from any other Fook Yuen branches all over KK. But when we got to their food, our eyes were practically swimming in a pool of delicious looking goodies. The varieties of food available were probably the best among all of the branches because when we were there, practically every single tray was filled with yummy looking food. After looking around for a few minutes, we finally decided to tried out their Nasi Lemak (my fave so far – although the portion might be small), some Mee Hoon Goreng and several boneless (yes, boneless!) chickens (my partner gave it two thumbs up) to accompanied our main dishes. I also hung out at their mini bakery and after ogling for another few minutes, walked out with a Chocolate Muffin (which was just nice & fresh in taste). 

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