Deco Cafe & Grill (KK FoodieVenture #77)

Since the hotel that me and my partner were staying for our year end holiday has also provided us with free breakfast, it was only fair that I did a feature on their food as well right? Officially named the Deco Café & Grill, the classy and laid-back café is located at the ground floor level of the hotel. There are 3 entrances into the café; one right beside the reception counter while the other two faces the Gaya Street and Jalan Datuk Salleh Sulong respectively.

The café itself is reasonably big in terms of size but during the first few days of our stay, the crowd was more than what they’d probably expected. Hence, we were forced to wait outside of the café for any available table which can be a bit annoying. But thankfully, the café staff were attentive and well-trained so our wait was short and a bearable one to boot. I initially forgot to take pictures of the food (as I was too busy enjoying them) and only remembered to do so during the last day of our stay so please don’t mind the less than stellar pictures below. But overall most of the food was very nice and flavourful. Selection were vast but geared more towards the Asian palate, with only a few Western dishes available (that is probably due to the fact that the hotel seems to have quite a number of Chinese and Korean patrons than others). They also seemed to run out of clean plates, glasses and cutleries rather quickly but the staff will quickly replenish them so no worries there. I personally loved the high tables and chairs beside the bar as it was very comfortable and secluded; a good way to enjoy your breakfast peacefully. Other than breakfast, the café also provide mainly Western menu for lunch and dinner. The hotel also has 2 more eateries within the premise (a bakery of sorts & an Asian restaurant) but unfortunately we did not manage to sample their food.

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