Restoran Anak Mamak (KK FoodieVenture #80)

While we were still staying at the Klagan Hotel, my partner found himself a bit hungry late one night and decided to drop by this 24 hours Indian restaurant for a quick tapau (because he was too lazy to walk any further). The restaurant is situated on the ground floor of Warisan Square shopping area, right beside our hotel. He ordered some Roti Canai and a Fried Chicken off of the display tray for his late night meal. Some things that he did comment on the roti canai were that it was strangely a bit powdery and insipidly taste (he theorized that maybe it was due to the repeated usage of the same oil). The fried chicken was unremarkable and just okay in terms of taste. But some customers seem to like them all the same so maybe my partner just got a bit unlucky that night. A little fun fact about the eatery – they also provide free breakfast for another boutique hotel nearby called the Celyn City Hotel.

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