Sushi Zanmai Suria Sabah (KK FoodieVenture #83)

My last foray into the KK gastronomic scene (at least for the time being) brought me to this well-known Japanese franchise at the lower ground floor of the Suria Sabah mall. I was a bit surprise when my ‘not-a-fan-of-neither-Japanese-nor-Korean-food’ partner suggested that we visit this particular joint as we were making our way around said mall. Since I have never tried this franchise before (yup, not even once) I welcomed my partner’s change of heart with open arms.
It was only later that I found out why my partner was so interested in trying this particular place out. It seems that somebody had told him that a particular dessert called the Chocolate Monaka is to die for hence the sudden decision. We did ordered the ice-cream wafer like dessert and it was so creamy and delicious that we’d ordered another one soon afterwards. Our main dishes for the day includes some donburi meals (the Madara Don and Kakiage Don if I’m not mistaken) and both were scrumptious with its crispy shrimp & fish slices plus a well seasoned rice. We opted for the ‘small’ size but they were still pretty filling. We’d also had their tuna & tamago sushi and even though the tastes were good, the assembly needed a little work (as they were quite crumbly and hard to pick up). All I have to say is that I’m converting myself to the Sushi Zanmai cult from here onwards, as everything was just delish and superb in terms of taste and variety. But do take note that their preparation and serving time might be a little longer should you went there during their peak hours (like we did during lunch time). 

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