Nando's 1Borneo (KK FoodieVenture #81)

Initially I wanted to have lunch at another famous food franchise on the lower ground floor of 1Borneo Hypermall but my partner has this sudden urge to go into this place instead as we made our way in front of their eatery (note to self – avoid walking past a restaurant that may entice said partner should I wanted to go somewhere else). To be fair, I did owe him one from our previous visit to KK so in the end I relented and decided to give them a go as well.

Since this is our second time entering the franchise (the first was when we were at Imago KK mall about 2 years ago) we at least have an idea on what to expect so we quickly ordered ourselves their Quarter Chicken meal but with different choices of sides. Mine were the PERi-Wedges and coleslaw while my partner tried out their spicy rice and PERi-Chips. And this time around, we specifically told them our preferred marinate (I opted for the newly added Mango & Lime sauce while my overconfident partner tried their Mild sauce, to which he later came to regret). Personally I do like my tangy tasting, succulent chicken but I still prefer their closest rival’s food (to which coincidentally reside just a few stores away). My partner was also a fan of their chicken but he could not take the heat (even though he only tried out their mild level of spiciness). But I’m proud that he’d decided to soldiered on and finished his dish, accompanied by his bottomless soft drink. Well, I did tell him so…

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