Outward Vacay: The Klagan Hotel (New Floor)

Yup, no excuses. Here are a couple more KK reviews coming your way. What can I say… I just love the city! (and for the fact that I’ve been going to and fro the city like nobody’s business last year). As I was searching for a good place to crash for our year end holiday this time around, I did noticed that one of the hotels that I’ve frequented before has sadly been closed and has now been taken over (and refurbished to my delight) by another bigger hotel next door, the Klagan Hotel (another favourite of mine). So obviously I was curious as to how the place looked like now after its merger and when I saw that they’d also gave good pricing on such rooms, I wasted no time in booking them online.

I purposely booked a room on the 7th floor of the hotel (which was where the Imperial Boutec Hotel previously was) and found out that you can actually access the floor via the hotel’s main lobby now (as oppose to another more public entrance) and both were very secure. Me and my partner were given a room at the far end of the lifts (but nearer to the other public lifts) and were pleasantly surprise to find that our assigned room looked simpler and cleaner than the vibrant style before. I personally don’t mind since I do like the minimalist décor. I’m also glad to find that everything has been replaced with new stuff including the previously unmanageable shower pump (thank goodness for that!). Even though there’s this weirdly placed pillar right in the middle of our room, the room is still pretty spacious. However, they really should do something about the former reception area since it looks too bare and non functional at all. Everything was satisfactory except for a minor complaint that I had with their reception staff. Look, just because I’m a frequent patron that does not mean that I know everything there is to it about the hotel right? This lady receptionist seems to think that is the case and got annoyed with my questions and just half heartedly gave her answers. A little unprofessional now don't you think? But on a more positive note, I like the fact that they still provide free breakfast & free parking (just get your ticket stamped at the reception counter before you leave).  

All in all I say…

Type – Courtyard Room
Room – 4/5 (much better than their predecessor)
Price – 4/5 (still very reasonable with the inclusion of breakfast & free parking)
Service – 3/5 (could have been better)
Décor – 4/5 (I’m a fan of their minimalist concept)
Facilities – 4/5 (they still retained the function rooms on the same floor)
Location – 4/5 (just to recap, they’re situated within the Warisan Square shopping area and right behind Centre Point shopping mall)

*The former reception area of Imperial Boutec Hotel

*The newly carpeted & wide hallway 

*Sorry for an unflattering pic of the bed since there's this pillar blocking some of the space

*Some space-saving amenities within the room

*New stuff on the table (at least the safe is finally working)

*No more of those hard-to-handle shower pumps (yay!)

*Very clean & monochrome looking bathroom

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