IZ Tropical Fruits (KK FoodieVenture #79)

This is going to be a somewhat short post since there isn’t much to tell about this place. After finishing our lunch at the nearby Mia Boat Noodle restaurant, I felt like eating something sweet. So my eyes landed upon a fruit kiosk called Iz Tropical Fruits (just a few steps away from the latter, on the lower ground floor of Imago KK) and quickly made a beeline towards them. Hey… I’m not all about chocolates and cakes only okay guys (wink wink). So I grabbed a plastic container and proceed to scoop some fruity items off of their food trays. Afterwards, you bring your fruit filled container to the counter to be weighted and priced. And if you fancy some condiments to sprinkle on top of your fruits, you are welcome to do so to your hearts content (available in front of the cashier counter).

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