Mia Boat Noodle (KK FoodieVenture #78)

One of the places that I really wanted to stop by but was unable to so before due to its overwhelming crowd is this Thai inspired restaurant. Man, it’s as if the eatery is giving away free food judging by the crowd daily. But we were quite lucky during our most recent stopover at the food mecca on the lower ground floor of Imago KK shopping mall, as we’d managed to snag a place during said time.

Now if you think that trying to find an available table was already a challenge by itself, similar situations can also be seen upon ordering (as the waiters seemed to be dashing at the speed of light whenever you tried to call them) and while waiting for your food (my partner's dish came earlier than mine; around 35 minutes or so after that). And after all that, you do expect the food to be spectacular right? Well, sadly I found the dishes (especially their staple dish the Signature Noodles) to be very underwhelming, with its one-for-all broth and limited-to-one-per-bowl fish balls. I’m just glad that I didn’t get greedy and ordered more than 5 of those mini soupy 'snacks'. My partner’s Chicken Basil Rice (if I’m not mistaken) was okay at best and a bit salty according to him while our side order the Thai Chicken Wings were just your typical fried food with a so-so taste. I definitely did not expect to be disappointed by my first visit to the restaurant but that might just be my taste buds though since the place seems to be extremely popular with other patrons. The overall menu were also very limited, with more than a few items being labelled ‘coming soon’ (which I guess might not come soon enough judging by their fading & peeling menu).  

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