Burger King Damai Plaza (KK FoodieVenture #13)

Now onto my final foray into the world of famous franchise foods. And yes, it does not escape my notice that I actually had quite a number of those in KK. Well, it is called a vacation right? Que evil laugh... Hehehehe... But this time I did not take my Burger King at the usual Centre Point shopping mall (there used to be one a long time ago but it has since been closed). So to satisfied my hunger for that darn good burger joint, me and my partner-in-crime decided to hopped into the one in Damai Plaza. This one can easily be spotted as it is at the corner of the building (right next to high-end supermarket Tong Hing), as well as right at the main entrance road leading into Damai Plaza.

And again, since this is another well-known brand, I won't keep you waiting with my usual rants and go straight to the good stuff. We ordered ourselves some Chicken Royale Sandwich set meal (my total favourite and still as delicious as I'd remembered), BK Singles Black Pepper Burger set meal (my partner gave two thumbs up for it) and my all time favorite, their Onion Rings which are to die for. FYI, we actually had a BK joint in Tawau back in the late 1990s/early 2000s if I'm not mistaken but has since 'perish' due to loosing the battle of fast foods with the ever supreme KFC (which Tawaurians just can't seem to get enough of for some reason).

Don't worry folks, this is the last entry that I'll be doing of franchise food places in KK. But there are some other popular franchises that has yet to graced themselves to our shores such as Domino's Pizza, Wendy's, Subway, Carl's Jr (all available in West Malaysia) and many, many more. Fingers crossed that they'll be available (at least in KK) in the near future.

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