Suria Sabah Food Court (KK FoodieVenture #5)

Once you're in KK, it's a compulsory thing to do at least one round of mall-hopping. And today I'm doing a review on Suria Sabah shopping mall food court. Said to be rivaling the hugeness that is 1Borneo (or may have even exceeded it already, I'm not too sure about this), the mall sits pretty right next to KK's main jetty, Jesselton Point. It's situated on the 4th floor, at the far side of the floor so don't worry about not finding it. And there's usually tones of people wherever food's around so it's easier to spot.

I'm pretty impressed with the variety of food in the place. From the moment you stepped into the place, you'll be greeted by food. There's mainly Chinese food stalls on your right and Malay food stalls on your left. There's also smaller desserts stalls at the entrance, a bakery inside the premises and a drink island in the middle. Me and my partner decided to have some Chocolate Moist Cake (yummy), Nasi Lemak Ayam (double yummy) and a Nasi Campur dish (a bit spicy but still awesome). It was the school holidays when we were there so the place is jammed packed. It's fortunate for us to spot an empty table at their outdoor balcony. The view is great but it can get pretty dirty around the seating area since the cleaning staff only consist of 1 person versus a tone of customers coming and going so it's not all their fault. 

Despite pretty glowing reviews of the place and food, I have a bone to pick when it comes to service. True story people, but fortunately not to me. I was standing in line to order our drinks and this girl in front of me had ordered and paid for her drink and was waiting patiently for it when the waitress in charge accidentally dropped the drink and spilled it onto the customer. And guess what happens after that? Instead of an apology (which any normal, sane people will do) the waitress goes in denial mode and said that it was the customer's fault for not holding the drink that was allegedly handed to her (not true!) and she actually had the nerve to say "it's not my fault". And even worse? She didn't give any new drink to the girl. I mean, really? We (yes, by that I mean the original customer and several of us lining up at the back) were so baffled that it left us a bit speechless (don't worry, that lasted like a minute before 'bombs' were thrown). That's just rude man! And I know it's only one person but it doesn't give a good impression on the place though. 

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