Sushi King Centre Point (KK FoodieVenture #3)

On to the next 'wishlist franchises' (which coincidentally happens to be our dinner for the day) and we decided to go into the famous Sushi King Restaurant.This place is a must for me whenever we we're in Kota Kinabalu mainly because I looveee sushi and for the fact that my partner cannot say no (let me just say that I can get pretty stubborn when it comes to food).

Mind you, it was pretty packed when we actually got there. The franchise is located on the 4th floor (aka Palm Square) of Centre Point shopping mall and it's quite hidden from view. The restaurant is nearest to a couple of lifts (yes, elevators) and is on the far right to a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (yup another franchise - the floor is practically food franchise heaven). Initially we were aiming for another eatery right beside the restaurant but right after we 'discover' it, there's nothing else I wanted. Hehehehe...

Food wise, I do not have any problems since it is the place when it comes to sushi and other Japanese cuisines. I obviously will go for their selection of sushi-on-the-conveyer-belt while my partner is all about their bento-like meals. I was so caught up with the sushi that I completely forgot to take some pictures of my partner's meal (sorry folks!) but everything is lovely in terms of taste. If there's something that I want to complaint however, is their service. Although I completely understand their hectic situation, but it takes us quite a while for them to get our orders for meals and drinks. 

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