Kak Nong! Restaurant (KK FoodieVenture #8)

Now we head back to the Harbour City commercial area (next to Ming Garden Hotel and in front of KK Times Square) to have some heavy tea time meals. This time around we decided to try the restaurant we originally wanted to try out when we first got to the area, several days before. The large Kak Nong! Restaurant is said to be pretty popular especially during lunchtime so we manage to avoid that particular time and decided to dropped by in the evenings. There's no trouble in finding the place as the restaurant is at the far end of the single row commercial building and there's more than enough parking spaces within the area.

One thing that first stood out about the place (in my mind) is the service. Waiters and waitresses are somewhat swift when you called for them but seems irritated when taking your order. We pretty much got this sour look as we told the waiter our orders and we barely put the menus down when it practically got yanked from us. I understand they maybe tired after working for hours but we do at least deserve a little smile right? Thank God the food was pretty delicious. We ordered ourselves some Gulai Ayam (hands down their best dish), Nasi Lemak (pretty hot & spicy sambal) and a Nasi Goreng Kampung for my partner  (which I've also tasted and it's definitely nothing to be ashamed about). They also have some pre-packed 'kuihs' and we got to try their version of Kek Sarawak which is not too sweet, just the way I like them.

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