Starbucks Coffee Company (KK FoodieVenture #2)

Now, do have pity on us Tawaurian (I'm not sure whether that's accurate but anyways...) though because one of the things that we wished we had back in Tawau is none other than a Starbucks joint (amongst other famous franchises on our wish list). So do forgive me for including some popular franchises this time around. Think of it as more of a tribute to my fellow Tawaurian out there... Huhuhu...

So after our previous lunch, we originally decided to checked into our hotel but alas, the room's not ready. So we decided to head to the in-famous Centre Point shopping mall right at the center of KK and found ourselves making a beeline towards their Starbucks joint at the forth floor. There isn't that many people around so we made ourselves comfortable in their already very comfortable setting, and ordered ourselves some Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin (which was more on the sweet side but still pretty yummy), Signature Hot Chocolate (for me since it's my ultimate high when it comes to Starbucks) and Chocolate Cream Chip Frappuccino Blended drink. This is one of many other visits to come during our vacation time in KK because we can't seem to get that damn good chocolate drinks out of our system. Yup, we're proud to be labeled Starbucks-holics...

*(Side note - We'd also visited their Warisan Square branch on our recent trip to KK in 2014 so more pics below of the place)

The Centre Point Branch

The Warisan Square branch

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