Kenny Rogers Roasters Centre Point (KK FoodieVenture #10)

We're back with more 'franchise-food-that-we-Tawaurians-can-only-get-outside-of-our-hometown' episodes (gosh, that's a mouthful). This time I'm bringing you (by 'you' I meant my fellow Tawaurians) to Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurant (yup, that famous jingle is currently on play in my head) inside of Centre Point KK shopping mall. The franchise is on the lower ground (LG) floor and it does need a bit of a walk-around to spot the place. It's right beside a Maybank booth so you'll definitely see it.

Since this is a well-established franchise, I'll just get right down to the food and keep this short. I'm actually a frequent visitor to the place so that shows just how satisfied I am with the food. In my recent visit, me and my partner decided to take on the same dish (their Quarter Chicken + 3 sides meal set) which is pretty awesome in terms of taste, as well as their Rock N Roll sausages (simple yet fulfilling) as well as some extra Chocolate Muffins (trust me, their muffins are to die for).

So overall I say...

Food - 4/5 (if you love eating chicken then you can do no wrong here)
Price - 3/5 (a tad pricey but I'm satisfied with the dishes)
Service - 4/5 (they definitely take their service-with-a-smile motto to heart)
Decor - 4/5 (comfortable, typical KRR setting)
Location - 3/5 (go straight to the LG floor, at the far end of the floor)

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