Outward Vacay: Tang Dynasty Hotel

So after a very short stop at Kundasang (see previous post) we went ahead and check yourselves into Tang Dynasty Hotel, a pretty well-known hotel in KK. Mind you, I have heard not-so-good-things about the place but due to the fact that the price is darn cheaper than other hotels within the area, I take a chance with the hotel. And you know what, I have to say that it's not that bad at all.

The Tang Dynasty Hotel that we went to is the one downtown (the main hotel you could say) as oppose to their other branches in Sepanggar and Jalan Belia. So location wise it is attached to a less-popular-but-still-convenient shopping mall called Wawasan Plaza. There's limited shops within the premises but hey, it's better than nothing right? Check in is pretty smooth but I do agree with several people that previously stayed at the hotel (comments via Tripadvisor) that they do need to add more front desk staff though as there are more patrons than the staff supposed to accommodate them.

Now let's get something flushed out first before we go to the positives. From said website as well, I've discovered a recurring problem in almost everybody's comments. We were assigned a Superior Room with a pretty good view. But most importantly, I can safely verify that yes, the hotel is somewhat a baby cockroaches heaven. A very bad problem for such a huge hotel. I mean, those critters are practically everywhere in our room. But I feel comfortable knowing that I've done my 'research' first and take with me a special 'friend' to solved the problem. People.. meet Shieldtox! Other than that, I sincerely think that the hotel can bring back its glory days with just a little face-lift since the decor looks really worn out. And not to be a downer, but we do have a little 'situation' with the bathroom on the first 2 days but it's been dealt with.

That being said, I still think that the place is not all bad. I honestly like staying in our room despite those problems. On a positive note, the housekeeping staff are friendly and they do have a pool if you're thinking of using it (but do beware since it looks as if it's been awhile since they'd last cleaned them). They also provide free parking for patrons (park anywhere within the Wawasan Plaza basement parking lots and just bring the ticket to be stamped at the front desk) 

So for ratings..

Type - Superior King Room
Room - 2/5 (if only those little babies were not around...)
Price - 4/5 (you can get a cheaper price if you booked online)
Service - 4/5 (I know other people have commented on their poor performance, but I think we're one of those few 'lucky' ones)
Decor - 3/5 (seriously, a little renovation will go a long way)
Facilities -  4/5 (there's a lot of weddings and government seminars being held there so...)
Location - 4/5 (not to be confuse with another branch of the hotel called TD Hotel at the same building as Wawasan Plaza)

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